How To Backwash A Pool Sand Filter

How To Backwash A Pool Sand Filter. Take note of the filter pressure after the last time you backwashed the filter. Restart the pump again when.

How to Backwash Your Pool Sand Filter AquaTech from

Monitor the backwash water through the sight glass on the backwash line or from the top of the filter. Switch off the pool pump. Don't use any metal object that can rust as a weight.

Sand Filters Are The Most Commonly Used Filter Type For Residential Pools Due To Lower Initial Cost And Ease Of Maintenance.

First, turn off the filter system. Turn the pump off at the breaker. Set the filter valve handle to the ‘backwash’ position and ensure the handle locks in place.

Press Down Fully On Valve Handle & Rotate From The Filter Position To The Backwash Position & Lock It In Place.

Turn the pump back on and run it for around 3 to 5 minutes, which will start backwashing the sand filter. Again, the first step is to shut off the entire filtration system. Connect the backwash hose to the waste port.

You Will See Water Flow Through The Backwash Hose.

Turn off the pool pump. Set the multiport valve to rinse. Switch off the pool pump.

Then, Connect The Backwash Hose To The Filter’s.

Turn your pool pump on and let water backwash your sand filter. Turn the pump on and let it run for about 30 seconds to reset the. Switch the multiport valve to backwash.

Turn Your Filter Back On And Run It For Two Minutes To Reverse The.

Again, it’s better to work when the filter’s off. Turn off your pool’s filter. Turn the pump on and backwash for 2 minutes or until the.

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