How To Measure Kitchen Sink Strainer

How To Measure Kitchen Sink Strainer. This is a easy diy projec. There are different sizes however.

Silver Kitchen Waste Stainless Steel Basket Stopper Shower Sink Drain from

Kitchen sink drain openings are usually a standard 3 1/2 inches across, although in rare cases, they may be 4 inches wide. And though they serve a similar purpose, they differ in. Measure the depth of the opening.

Before Fixing The Strainer, Thoroughly Lean The Sinkholes From All The Sides.

Measure the depth of the opening. The size of the strainer will depend on the drain opening diameter of your sink. This video is easy to follow instruction on replacing the sink strainer (basket strainer).

Then Measure The Diameter At The Top Of The Drain Hole.

How to replace kitchen sink strainer. The sink strainer plug should fit into the plug hole if it is 78mm in diameter at the top flat surface. Measurement to use is the inside of the widest part of drain.

However, The Most Common Size Of Kitchen Strainer.

Don't measure in the center of. Kitchen sink strainers are not a standard or universal size. Ask this old house plumbing expert richard trethewey finds a rusty sink strainer in the kitchen and shows a homeowner how to replace it.subscribe to this old.

To Measure Your Kitchen Sink Drain Size Follow The Steps Down Below:

Attach your measuring tape to the bottom of the sink It is designed to sit inside the drain mount and seal it closed when flush to the drain. Do not leave any dirt.

And Though They Serve A Similar Purpose, They Differ In.

Kitchen sink strainers are available in various types, such as back nut, double cup, basket, flange, and many more. Grab a tape measure and get ready to learn the easy steps for measuring kitchen sinks in our guide below. This is a easy diy projec.

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